Sharoni Stern before Naropa University

by Tibor Stern

The dark” dance form” is called Butoh. I believe it's nothing more than a destruction that controls, brainwashes, causes pain, suffering and sometimes results in death unfortunately as it happened to my beloved daughter Sharoni Stern. We will walk you through our tragedy as it evolved from day one with our beloved daughter.

The first 2 pictures in this post are of our beloved Sharoni, before enrolling into Naropa University in Boulder CO for her MFA. This is where she met her Evil teacher, Katsura Kan who taught the destructive “art form” of Butoh, as part of Naropa’s curriculum.

I believe he taught his students the psychology and philosophy of destruction of the body and mind, turned her against her loving parents, brother, husband and friends and as a result of his brainwashing and self serving teachings she developed multiple personalities. She lost her identity as did many others who are victims of his poisonous butoh teachings. I believe that Katsura Kan does not have any real credentials to be teaching in any accredited American University.

The only goal and purpose was to brainwash, manipulate and control his female students. He exploited my daughter sexually, financially and mentally.

Katsura Kan brought death upon my daughter!

I believe that Naropa University let him teach as part of curriculum for MFA an “art form” of butoh which is called the dance of pain, suffering and darkness.

Art should bring happiness not death. I believe that Naropa was negligent in hiring Katsura Kan. He bragged about having sex with 160 of his female students. I believe the culture of “anything goes” still continues in Naropa.

The founder of Naropa University was Trungpa Rinpoche, an alcoholic and cocaine user who picked his female students for his sexual fulfillment.

One of the other Co founders of Naropa University was the poet, Allen Ginsberg, a self admitted LSD and Heroin user (as written in the book “When I was cool” and “The great Naropa poetry wars”) (See the last pictures in this posting for front and back cover pictures).This was also published on the internet. When Trungpa died, he was replaced by Osel Tendzin, a man that was infected with AIDS and who I believe knowingly infected some of his females students. As a result, one of his female students died from the virus. This all happened in Naropa as published.

Our lawyer has approached Naropa University on behalf of Sharon Stern Estate in order for the Stern Family to try and influence Naropa University, for what we believe is much needed changes. We heard back from Naropa’s lawyers - which in essence said “they already heard enough from these people”. So one more time we see the choices of Naropa, it is easier to brush this under the carpet instead of dealing with the tragic issues that might save future lives.

This art form originated in Japan , where it was banned for 30 years, yet it was good enough for Naropa, an accredited University in Boulder Co, to have this destructive art of butoh as part of their curriculum for preparation of future teachers. Naropa receives 2 million dollars per year in grants from the federal government - hard earned tax payer dollars. More on this in the future.

See the "Eco Pass" picture of our beloved daughter - this was After she left Naropa and was tortured and destroyed by none other than her teacher Katsura Kan, who was supposed to protect her safety as a teacher. Katsura Kan urged my daughter to lose her identity, authenticity, ego, self worth and all dreams, this is exactly the opposite of what we expect from any teacher! Its obvious that he turned my daughter into his slave and controlled her mind. For those of you who don't know, he is being sued by her Estate. We will bring you up to date in the near future about the ongoing lawsuit. We will post everyday for the next 5 days.

We'll post letters from Butoh survivors, materials and show the impact this Cult like teaching of Butoh has on vulnerable victims and their families.

A Letter from one of Naropa’s first students:

To: Tibor Stern

This is not the first time a Naropa faculty member created such problems. It was in fact much more prevalent in Naropa's early days when even its founder ran amoc. Read "When I Was Cool" by Sam Kashner.

Your clarification explains KK's behavior when I and a colleague talked with Sharoni after a performance in summer 2011.

I studied at Naropa only as an older student who refused to allow teachers to be god-like. For what it is worth I see butoh as a very dark form of dance. Having said that Sharoni was one the best I have seen, and I always felt that when she got there she gave Naropa's program validity. Until Sharoni that program was run by an egotistical idiot.