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Cleric warns of cults in schools

By Tom Matoke

September 19 2010 

In Summary

  • Devil worship spreading among primary
  • and secondary learners, warns Eldoret bishop


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Rev. Thomas Kogo
Bishop, Eldoret Diocese

Devils worship is real and widespread in boarding schools, according to an Anglican bishop.

Bishop Thomas Kogo of the Eldoret ACK diocese said the Church must protect students from joining cults in schools.

The bishop claimed that children as young as those in Standard Six to Standard 8, and those in secondary schools, have been made to join the devil worship cult.

He said parents must be told the truth that devil worship exists in some boarding schools.

The satanic cult, the bishop said, was responsible for the disappearance of private parts of dead bodies in mortuaries — an issue that has grabbed national headlines since police unearthed a scandal involving theft of body parts at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

“Devil worship in boarding schools is real and parents should be told the truth.

“The government should act and contain the situation because very many students are becoming victims of satanic worship at a young age.”

Bishop Kogo said that 80 percent of Kenyans were Christians but it was sad that corruption, devil worship, rape and defilements were widespread.

Those stealing private parts from the dead were Christians who never miss church every Sunday, he said.

Bishop Kogo said several schools in his Eldoret Diocese had become victims and called on parents to monitor what was happening in there.

Stealing private parts

The bishop was speaking during the burial of Senior Chief Johnstone Sugut, who disappeared from Nandi Hills Town a week ago and the body was discovered in Kalokol forest in Turkana District last week.

Those at the burial included Industrialisation minister Henry Kosgey, Nambale ACK Bishop Josiah Were and Central provincial commissioner Kiplimo Rugut.